About Us

Mitchell-Lyman Associates Inc. traces their roots back to 1983 and is one of Ontario's leading Private Investigation companies.  The remarkable success of Mitchell-Lyman can be traced to one uncompromising principle ... quality.  Dale Lyman, owner of Mitchell-Lyman has been serving the investigative needs of clients for over 28 years.  He holds a University Degree from Brock University and has been a Certified Fraud Examiner since 1997. Through ongoing training, Dale and the staff at Mitchell-Lyman have the most up to date skills to meet today's changing landscape. 


The services of private investigators and fraud examiners are needed, more often than not, in times of uncertainty, when individuals, organizations, corporations, professionals, and experts require information for processing decisions and solving problems.  Mitchell-Lyman takes pride in the knowledge that their investigative staff are highly skilled, impartial professionals and unbiased collectors of information that can meet these needs.


As a fully insured and government licenced Private Investigation company, Mitchell-Lyman has handled thousands of investigations for insurers, corporations, the legal community, government bodies, financial institutions and private citizens.  Mitchell-Lyman's history of success makes them the definitive investigation choice!  Track records count!!


   Members of...

  • Council of Private Investigators of Ontario
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • International Association of Special investigation Units